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Captivating Leadership - Balancing the masculine and feminine in your leadership regardless of gender

DateThu 24 May 2018
VenueAlchemy Restaurant & Bar
FormatBreakfast and networking event
HostMEC Mining

WIMARQ Chair Maria Joyce welcomes you to a professional development breakfast with her trusted leadership coach Rebecca Livesey.

Rebecca is the Founder and Managing Director of Achieve-Lead-Succeed, a keynote speaker, leadership consultant and executive coach based in Brisbane.

With an MA in mathematics from Oxford University, a love for culture change models and strategic frameworks and an accredited behavioural profiler, she combines more than 17 years' experience working in numerous corporate leadership roles across Australia and the UK.

She founded Achieve-Lead-Succeed with a clear purpose to create positive change in business and help leaders unleash their potential and improve their culture to achieve results with their people.

At the breakfast, Rebecca will explore the concepts of feminine and masculine energy in leadership and hear why it is time to say goodbye to 'command and control' leadership once and for all.

The value of feminine energy as a strength has largely been misunderstood, and in this talk Rebecca will explore why it is important and how to bring more feminine into leadership (regardless of gender) so that we improve employee engagement, create amazing cultures and still deliver results.

Below is a link to Rebecca's video on Captivating Leadership using Feminine Energy.

Tickets are limited, so please ensure you are able to attend before booking. Remember your no-show is another's no-go.

Thank you to MEC Mining for hosting this event.

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