QRC/WIMARQ Mentoring Program Finale
WIMARQ event 1/12/2020

A conversation with Larnie Mackay
WIMARQ event 11/11/2020

WIMARQ webinar
Navigating the pathway to the boardroom 08/10/2020

QRC/WIMARQ Mentoring Program
2020 Midway event

Minerals Council of Australia presents
2020 Women in Resources National Awards

Why it took a pandemic for flexible
work to get real, real fast

Featuring Jo Best - QRC/WIMARQ Exceptional
Woman in Queensland Resources 2020

WIMARQ Webinar with Margie Ireland
Keeping teams engaged while staying sane in the Covid cloud 10/06/2020

WIMARQ Eventbrite Webinar
Making the transition from technical expert to leader 27/05/2020

Dysart WIMARQ Virtual Networking
Emotional Intelligence 14/05/2020